Omaha Neighborhood Spotlight on Dundee/Elmwood Park

Published on 2020-02-05

The Dundee – Memorial Park neighborhood has grown and seen many transformations with its boundaries now including Leavenworth Street on the south, Hamilton Street on the north, Happy Hollow Boulevard on the West, and 46th Street on the east....

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Five Common Home Styles and Where in Omaha to Find Them

Published on 2019-12-17

In the mid-1800’s Omaha, Nebraska was founded and nicknamed Gateway to the West due to its situation on the west side of the Missouri River from what had already been settled further East in Iowa....

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5 Creative Ways to Get Your Offer to Buy Accepted

Published on 2019-12-10

Make It Personal Write a personal letter to the current owner of the home to submit with your offer. Let them know why this particular house is appealing to you. Do you have a history with the home? Will it be a good place to raise your family? Do you have plans to restore it back to its former glo...

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Four Places to Get Donuts in Midtown Omaha

Published on 2019-12-03

If you live in Midtown or just like to visit from time to time, here are the top four places to pick up a favorite breakfast (Who are we kidding? Anytime!) foods to satisfy your sweet tooth. They are listed in no particular order as one should never discriminate when it comes to great donuts....

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