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Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce (1/22/19)

We have been working with an organization within the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce since the spring of 2018 called The Startup Collaborative. The work we've been doing together gathered the attention of editors at GOCC and they wanted to publish a post on us.

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Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce's logo

KETV - Omaha Channel 7 News (1/17/2019)

iHeartYourHouse caught the eye of a local news anchor and thought it would make a good public interest piece. Overall, it was a great segment, but it’ pretty tough to watch yourself on TV!

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John talking with David Earl from KETV

Get Started Omaha - presented Cox Business (9/20/18)

Over 70 statups applied for this startup pitch competition, we were honored to be selected to be one of the 5 finalists. Each company was given 2.5 minutes to sell their business to the judges panel and the entire audience. Unfortunately, the judges didn't select us to as their top business, but it was an incredible experience.

"John, you have an interesting concept, I've never heard anything like it before"