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The Lay of the Land

This concept has been so much fun to build and get to where it’s at today. Market validation has been awesome. I've pitched at a startup competition and had tremendous feedback from judges and attendees. A handful of users are using the product. An extensive product roadmap and feature backlog has been defined to continue building on the existing foundation.

Let’s be real

To this point, iHeartYourHouse has been a “lone wolf” venture - part-time, at that. The fact is, there are only some many things I can do in a given day or week. I'm currently working full-time and devote my "free time" to building and growing the business. Sadly, there just aren't enough hours in the early mornings, daily lunches, and late nights. Things have gotten to the point where I can't possibly carry all the responsibilities to make this successful and grow at the speed a first-to-market product needs by going at it with just one wolf (I’ll drop the metatphor). I'm also not at a point where it makes financial sense for me or my family to push all my chips in on this venture to give it the much needed time.

Is this where you come in?

What’s Needed

Grow! Grow! Grow!

Engineering this platform, building the users, raising the finances has proven to be a lot to juggle. I'm looking for someone who wants to take the reins of the marketing side is really paramont for growth.

What's your comfort-level handling some or all of the items below?

  • Build & execute a plan to take this platform to market.
  • Grow users: home buyers and home owners. (use 19 traction channels & bullseye method as a foundation)
  • Handle digital marketing tools & platforms.
  • Track success back to specific campaigns.
  • Evaluate the existing brand & platform, determine where it falls short, and *ideally* have the capacity fix it.
  • Design for the consumer.
  • Write copy: At least at the start, someone who can pull the right words together for an ad/page/blog.
  • Build B2B relationships. E.g. FSBO offices, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title companies
  • Build relationships with 3rd party publications/blogs

About Me

My background is a front-end developer, software consultant, and IT manager in Omaha, NE. Together with my wife Jaci, we have 2 children, Reid and Mia, and 2 beagles, Felix and Oscar. I love movies, local food, woodworking, and most of all spending time with my family.

Around 2010, Jaci and I were walking our dogs through our neighborhood and a home caught our eyes. We agreed, that if it ever went up for sale, we’d love to make an offer. Our conversation turned to something else, but in the back of my mind, I thought about all the ways those situations play out. I could approach the owner and tell them our intent, leave a message in their screen door, or mail them a letter. All great and viable options, but all have one flaw, time. If the owner is ready to sell immediately, they might, if we’re lucky, file away our information until they are ready to sell. Then years down the road, they might remember where they put it, or they even had it to begin with. With my background, the answer to this dilemma was “software” and it got me thinking how to deliver it to the masses. I started working on the platform in 2015 and did a soft launch the following year.

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